Jeremy Good

Has studied Egyptology and visited that country many times. His interest in ancient Egypt and World War Two history figure often in his novels.

I am fascinated by the twists and turns of life and history, and what makes us who we are; how a different day’s weather can cause a battle to be lost or won, or an assassin’s bullet hit or miss its intended target in the split of a second. How different would the outcome of WW2 have been if Hitler had been killed by a sniper or lone bomber; or the weather on the eastern front been mild instead of the atrocious freezing winter conditions that prevailed at end of 1942?


I am intrigued too at the beguiling world of the ancient Egyptians and how we see their lives through the eyes of their Kings. I find it almost impossible to get my head around the utter paradox of their culture compared to ours, where the building of monuments that we still see standing today, are virtually impossible to envisage being built thousands of years later, even in today’s technological world. How on earth did they do it, and why? We try to answer these questions and the many mysteries of their long gone society, and yet they remain the nearest thing we have to what might be described as the remnants of an alien civilisation residing on our planet, the comprehension of which will undoubtedly be just beyond our reach forever.


I write about these things, putting my characters into a world that is slightly different from our own, because of the turns of fate and circumstances that could so easily have transpired, but which is totally recognisable and realistic from our modern day perspective. The world of Jose Heydrich is not one of science-fiction.


My characters have to deal with the realities of what it is to be human; the hand of cards that life has dealt them, why they are here, why their loved-ones behave so contradictory to their perceived ideals - archetypal questions that face us all - but of course, the story in which Jose Heydrich, Eduardo Pedrosa and Sebastian find themselves caught up in, brings these issues to the fore in a race against time and with the threat of the consequences that will befall them should they fail.


The Butcher’s Son is part of a series; tales set in world in which conspiracy theories, ancient mysteries and fate, combine to bring about explosive conclusions.



Author Jeremy Good
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