The Butcher's Son

"Straddling millennia, decades of turmoil, and pin-pointing moments in time when the world shifts on its axis, ‘The Butcher’s Son’ glories in the vastness of story telling within the context of an historical background. Through the main protagonist, Good transports the reader through expanses of time and place with cinematic effect; from the Sphinx and Pyramids of the Giza Plateau in Cairo and the crumbling Gothic edifice of Wewelsburg Castle in Bavaria, to the aftermath of Carnival in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the streets of Cold War West Berlin.


Mystery and untold secrets binds the main character, Jose Heydrich, to the plot; a middle-aged man whose desire for a fairy-tale ending to the murderous past of his father keeps him pacing through the text with an inevitable sense of doom. He is a man chased, in imminent peril, and carrying with him the emotional dilemma of children; how to reconcile the rose tinted picture of a loving mother and father with the reality – grotesque as it is in this case – of the people they really are and the deeds they have committed.


Fraught danger, ticking time and the culmination of an awful apocalyptic plan forged at the time of certain defeat for the Nazis in the early nineteen-forties, lights the path on which our hero treads, and to a soundtrack as equally diverse as the times in which the records were played.


For anyone interested in the ‘what-ifs’ has on us all and history too, this is a must-read novel. Diligent research, combined with the microcosm of an individual’s emotional predicament, leave an indelible impression and a yearning for the next instalment."

Author Jeremy Good
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